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Congratulations on taking the first step towards meeting your future bride! This is a very important decision, so pat yourself on the back for taking the first step towards the rest of your life with a beautiful, intelligent bride!

Visit a foreign country today!

Due to international visa laws and regulations, it is easier and cheaper for Americans to travel abroad than it is for foreign women to enter the United States. Many dating services offer tours of foreign destinations where you can meet these eager ladies. Dating services and marriage agencies will handle everything from translations to planning, even to scheduling meetups with women you are interested in.

Make sure your future bride already has a passport. If she does not, it could take 2 to 3 months for her to get one. Any foreign woman with a serious interest in getting married will likely already have one, but make sure to find out.

What will I do in the foreign country?

Discuss with your potential bride what her interests and aspirations are. You may want to attend a film together, share coffee, or simply spend quiet time alone. The marriage agency will likely have events planned, but the two of you should find something you both enjoy doing- any large foreign city will have some kind of cultural sight or event for you to enjoy.

What to bring

Do not forget to check out the electric system of the country you will be visitng, as you may need to bring a travel adapter. Also remember any prescription medications, traveler's checks, your own passport, and an open mind. Be mindful of the cultural and societal differences between your country and hers.


Once you select a bride, you need to get her into the United States. This could entail:

  • Meeting several brides.
  • Making sure your bride-to-be has no criminal record.
  • Meeting minimum income equirements.
  • Having met your bride within a specific timeframe.

Make sure to go over this with the marriage agency. You may not need an immigration attorney, but it is always a smart move.

Good luck!